Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, man of my dreams

Today is my husbands birthday. I sang to him first thing....even before I got out of bed. He laughed,
as he usually does....I asked him if my voice was earnest and wistful?? Sure, says he.

I chose to marry him way before he asked. He is my kind of handsome...strong, kind and dependable.

I love him even though he wont get rid of his recliner. It was the one non-negotiable thing in our relationship. It is my greatest trial......(not really)

He runs home to it every night.

I hate it.......

Happy Birthday my love......your happiness is more important than our decor.

XOXO kari


  1. Happy birthday to your husband! One of my brother's birthday is today, and mine is tomorrow. My birthday gift to myself will be a well chosen antique or vintage piece from an area antiques shop (lol).

    Karen T.